Solver – Beta



F – is the kinetic energy of a particle [J]

c –  is speed of light [m/s]

v – is speed of particle as fraction of c [a*c]

Recognise it ?

Using this solver

Use this solver to dynamically solve multidimensional problems. (change field values and hit calc).

Filter specific ranges by clicking and dragging axises vertically.

Reorder axises by dragging sideways.

You can also call this function into any of your posts by copy/ pasting the following text:


If you want to save time and insert with a preset use:

[[sxd preset = ‘{“F”:”x^2″,”x”:”1:3″}’]]

Note that the current preset is always available for easy copy at the solver footer.



Beta version – sorry for the bugs, please help us improve by reporting them.


This solver relies heavily on d3 parallel coordinates and on the Math.js library.

The d3 parallel coordinates (or parcoords) library was created by Kai Chang and many others see examples here. he also gave a great tutorial on the subject here.

Math.js is an extensive open source math library created by Jos De Jong.

The mathematical rendering is powered by MathJax.



Solver – Beta

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